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Paris 2018

Paris may be the most photographed city in history. In the early days, photographers like  Charles Marville and Eugene Atget documented a vanishing 19th century city. By the 30s,  Brasssai, Kertez, Man Ray and others used the City of Light as a backdrop for their imaginative explorations. After WWII, the likes of Willy Ronis, Robert Doisneau and Cartier-Bresson created love songs to a Paris that was again changing in the face of modernity. Today, the amazing Maison Europeene de la Photographie both documents this rich history and showcases the work of emerging and creative photographers blazing new trails. 

Despite this daunting and humbling history, Paris continues to offer up fresh opportunities for discovery for the photographer willing to embrace the new while respecting the old. For Paris is a city ever  changing and ever the same. 

This small sample  is the product of a recent stay in Paris in Spring of 2018. From night forays to early morning markets, I hope to have captured something fresh and contemporary while honoring those who truly put their stamp on this wonderful city. 

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