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I live in San Francisco and have been passionate about photography since I was in college. Alter retiring from a career in the tech business, I was able to take it up seriously. I am an avid traveler and have documented trips from the Alps to Antarctica, from Ethiopia to the UK. Over the years, I have focused on topics as diverse as the degradation of the built environment,  the mysteries of fog and smoke, and the nighttime street scene in Paris. 


My role models are as diverse as my interests: early pioneers like Kertez, Brassai and Strand; mid century greats such as Caponigro, Siskind and Callahan; and contemporary greats such as Misrach and Kenna. 


I have taken a variety of professional level courses, including landscape from Bob Killen; photo narrative from Claudine Doury; and printing from John Paul Caponigro. 

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