Signs of Spring

If there is a bright side to this virus thing, it is that it is happening in the spring, making the daily walk a joy.  Flowers are blooming, trees are bursting into blossom, birds are everywhere, singing and engaged in their mating games. The many cherry trees are splendid in their delicate pink and white flowers, the jasmine vines are redolent with perfume, calla lilies are poking their audacious heads up in surprising places, and of course the California poppy is "popping up" everywhere. 


The slowed-down pace of the lock-down has its advantages. I have begun to look closer at these signs, seeing patterns, colors and details that I might not have under other circumstances. The insides of a poppy, the fine skin of a lily with the afternoon sun turning it translucent, water drops on a rose petal, a bug on a leaf...details matter.